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Waste is part of human life, the type and amount of waste produced increases with improvement in the standard of living and industrial development.

In response to the growing concerns about the environment, especially regarding waste management, the Indonesian Goverment by Environment and Forestry Ministry has issued environmental regulations recent (Government Regulation 101 2014 About Waste Management of Hazardous and Toxic) and Regulation of the Environmental Impact Control Agency (BAPEDAL) regarding hazardous waste management. The regulation contains a list of substances which are categorized and hazardous waste generated from specific sources and non-specific as well as on the rules of management of hazardous wastes and toxic.

Since 1995, PT. Desa Air Cargo Batam asked by Otorita Batam to transport waste from the producer in Batam destination to Jakarta (PPLI) as hazardous waste transporter and in the year of 2000 had begun expansion with investing a few facilities for the handling of hazardous waste such as warehouses, machinery, transporter and other facilities to support the management of hazardous waste in batam. To expand the business and services to customers, on 2002, PT. Desa Air Cargo Batam decided to join the two other businesses on the same line, it is PT. Gamter Jaya that provide Onshore and Offshore Tank Cleaning Services, PT. Greenindo Tritama that provide Solvent Recycle Facility and PT. Jamewin Trading as Transportation Domestic Waste and Waste Packaging on 1996. Currently, PT. Desa Air Cargo Batam is hazardous waste services management company on a national scale as transporters, collectors, processors and users of hazardous waste.

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